Admissions Information

[Master Course]
Admission by recommendation: September 7 (Sat.) 2019
General applicants: 10 students
General applicants (1st application period): November 9 (Sat.) 2019
General applicants (2nd application period): February 2 (Sat.) 2020

[Doctor Course]
General applicants: 2 students
General applicant : November 9 (Sat.) 2019
General applicants (2nd application period): February 2 (Sat.) 2020

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AUA’s Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts was created for students who want to bring about meaningful social change through a “transdisciplinary” approach to art research. This approach allows students to combine aesthetic techniques acquired during undergraduate study with new realms of knowledge, drawing not only from the traditional artistic disciplines, but also from non-artistic fields such as IT. The Transdisciplinary Arts program is led by instructors who are actively engaged in the fields of art and design. Students can gain practical skills and hands-on experience while acquiring the knowledge, techniques and perspectives necessary to carry out this unique form of art research.

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