From July 23 (Sat.) to July 28 (Thu.), 2022, the first-year students of the Master's Program will hold an exhibition entitled "越境と旋回 (Crossing Borders and Circling)" in the "複合芸術演習 (Composite Art Exercise)" section.


 Our graduate school is composed of students with different specialties.
In this exhibition, 13 first-year master's students who entered the program this year present their insights gained in a class called "複合芸術演習(Seminar in Complex Arts)".
 This class is a "session" consisting of three or four students, faculty members, and assistants. The aim is for each member to go beyond his or her own area of expertise and encounter research perspectives and methods that he or she would not have been able to reach on his or her own.

In the relationships between people, they cross borders between various fields and swirl as if they were navigating through a swirl of mixed events. This exhibition is an attempt to develop and connect the potential of each expertise and technique toward various other domains.

AUA Graduate School, Master's Course 1st Year

[Crossing Borders and Circling]
●Date and Time: July 23rd - July 28th, 2022, 9:00-16:00
●Venue: AUA Graduate School Building G1S
● Admission: Free