Experienced Instructors

The Graduate School faculty possess a wealth of international experience and practical knowledge. Students receive professional guidance in theory and methodology with which they can open the door to new possibilities in the field of modern art.

Practice-Based Curriculum

The Graduate School curriculum is built around lectures which examine in detail the complex and composite (transdisciplinary) nature of modern art, as well as intensive exercises in various techniques and styles. Students then apply their studies to hands-on practice in the real world, as they delve deeper into their own chosen research subjects. Our curriculum is focused not only around the production of artwork, but around its own connections and communications with the larger society, so that graduates can immediately use the skills, knowledge and values learned here to succeed in any number of artistic and non-artistic fields.

Team-Based Instruction and Research

    With a healthy instructor-student ratio (13 faculty and 6 assistants for a class of max. 10 students per year), courses largely adopt a team-based instructive approach. Peer-peer and instructor-peer teamwork encourages mutual support and understanding while developing essential communication skills.