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Faculty 大学院の指導教員



  • 【Research keywords】
  • ・Life and death
  • ・Sense of time
  • ・Juncture



Born in Fuzhou, China in 1991, Lin first entered the Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts in 2017 as a student in the Master’s Program. Upon graduation in 2021, he joined the Graduate School as assistant. His research centers on the contrasting philosophies of life, death and time between East and West, through analyses of medieval and modern artwork. Based on this research, he creates generative art that uses technology to express his unique interpretation of human thought and ways of thinking, as demonstrated in his solo exhibition “The Pilgrimage of life: Birth, aging, sickness, death & pleasure, anger, sadness, joy” (Akita University of Art Satellite Center; 2020).


  • 【Research keywords】
  • ・Contemporary art
  • ・Pictorial expression
  • ・Cognitive linguistics
  • ・Philosophical epistemology



Horikawa was born in Osaka into a family of inventors. In 2008, she studied abroad at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York City, and obtained an M.F.A. in oil painting from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2012. She returned to New York in 2015 after receiving a fellowship for overseas researchers from the POLA Art Foundation.
Horikawa’s works ask: How can we understand existence, and how can we share our understanding with others? She explores the cognitive discrepancies that emerge from interpersonal communication, which she expresses through the repeated conversion of image into text, and text into image.

Her major works and activities include:
– Passing on hope with a rugby ball (public monument). Higashiosaka Cultural Creation Hall, Osaka; 2019
– Sunao Horikawa window display work (solo exhibition). POLA THE BEAUTY Ginza, Tokyo; 2019
– POLA Musem Annex exhibition (group exhibition). POLA Musem Annex, Tokyo; 2019
– Dynamic garden in full motion (group exhibition). Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori; 2018
– Art award IN THE CUBE 2017 (group exhibition). The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu; 2017
– The thing (solo exhibition). Studio 32, New York, USA; 2016
– Criterium 87 Sunao Horikawa solo exhibition. Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki; 2014
– VOCA 2012 -The vision of contemporary art- (group exhibition). The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo; 2012
– New work (group exhibition). Great Hall, New York, USA; 2008
Horikawa has also held a number of workshops at various public and educational institutions.

「Sunao Horikawa official Website」


  • 【Research keywords】
  • ・Art Science
  • ・Brazilian art
  • ・Modernism Art



Born in 1991. Received a Ph.D. from Graduate School of Humanities, Kobe University in 2022.
He is interested in various aspects of human and society seen in Brazilian modernism art.

His major articles:
-Manifesto Antropófago, Ph.D. thesis
-Team-Translation, “Post-Truth” by Lee McIntyre, Jimbun Shoin: 2020


  • 【Research keywords】
  • ・Contemporary art
  • ・Pectoral Expression
  • ・Folklore
  • ・Folk Art



Born in 1993. Completed a Master’s course for excellent award “Silver”, at Graduate School of Fine Arts, Aichi University of the Arts in 2019.

Her works take place with a wide range of styles, including as charcoal paintings, film photography and performances; they represent something that people’s way of life and its absurdity, which Daito has been intrigued with, is leaving behind. She is also a bon-dance mania and acting as its writer, and depicts anchorages for human as a story-telling scenery emerging in festival and ethnicity, expressing as if it would have been recorded
Her major solo-exhibitions and awards include:
-Furueru odori [Tremoring dance], ARTS CHALLENGE, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art: 2019
-Sunrise Healthy Forest, YEBISU ART LABO (Aichi Prefecture): 2019
-Yaken no shiwaza [Wild-dog’s doing], GALLERY MIKAWAYA (Aichi Prefecture): 2019
-Asylum no todai [Lighthouse for asylums], Yamashita Building ( Aichi Prefecture): 2019
-Artist in Residence Program at the Kumonodaira Mountain Hut , KUMONODAIRA SANSO (Toyama Prefecture): 2021
-Excellent, work award, Oil painting/Printmaking, Aichi University of the Arts: 2019
-Excellent, work award, CAF ART AWARDS 2016, Contemporary Art Foundation: 2016
-Rental house: website:shinobu daito


  • 【Research keywords】
  • ・Image Media
  • ・Physical Expression
  • ・DIY



Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1995. Completed a Master’s course in Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2022. Yamagishi’s video works represent a delicate incongruity of physical movements taking place when using tools, and he is recently seeking a new image expression applying the synthesis technology of 3D pen and chroma-key.

His major activities and solo-exhibitions include:
-Rental House Tour, tomeigi hondo/CRISPY EGG Gallery/Kitaissaka kogei (kari)[Kitaissaka arts and crafts (tentative), Yokohama-Sankeien: 2020
-OVERWORK, TOIYAMACHI STUDIO (Ishikawa Prefecture): 2020