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Faculty 大学院の指導教員

岸 健太


  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Theory
  • ・Applied Transdisciplinary Arts Theory A
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Seminar
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Practicum A
  • ・Production Skills Workshop I, II, III
  • ・Guided Research I, II (Master’s Program)
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Research: Expression I, II
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Research: Theory I, II
  • ・Guided Research I, II, III (Doctoral Program)



After graduating from the Architecture department of Tokyo University of the Arts, Prof. Kishi received a Master of Architecture degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art (Michigan, USA). His research activities explore the problems and possibilities of post-20th-Century human habitats, and take the form of pilot programs that revolve around the structures and transformations of cultures of habitation in urban areas of Southeast Asia and non-metropolitan Japan. Together with local members, he is co-director of the Surabaya, Indonesia-based urban studies organization “Operations for Habitat Studies (OHS)”. He has been a professor in the Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts since 2017.


Research activities

【Selected projects / activities】
2021 Project co-manager, “Transdisciplinary arts picnic”. Sponsor: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. Akita University of Art. Akita / Okinawa

2019-2021 Director, “Keikan akushon puroguramu: Kaneyama-machi machinami (keikan) zukuri 100-nen undo: suteji II [Landscape action program: 100-year movement for the development of the townscape (landscape) of Kaneyama Town: Stage II]”. Kaneyama Town, Yamagata

2018-2021 Project co-manager, “AKIBI Transdisciplinary arts practice: Travel of site study”. Sponsor: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. Akita University of Art. Akita

2018-2019 Workshop leader. METAPOLA. Sponsor: Japan Foundation Asia Center. Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya (UNTAG Surabaya). Indonesia

2018 Director, An international conference on transdisciplinary arts (ICTA 2018): Creativity across boundaries. Akita University of Art Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts. Akita

2017 Workshop leader, “Over the façade (in Kyoto)”. Rhode Island School of Design Japan workshop. Kyoto

2016 Moderator, “Absent spaces” (workshop). IIAS-CSEAS Winter School 2016: Mapping the aesthetics of urban life in Asia: A dialogue with the arts. International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS). Kyoto University Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS). Kyoto

2015-Present Co-director, “Alter-shelter” workshop series. Operations for Habitat Studies (OHS), Surabaya, Indonesia

2013-2014 Project director, “Impact of urban migration for major cities in Indonesia” (Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowships Program grant recipient). Various locations in East Java, Indonesia

2013 Art director, Hokusai exposed (exhibition). Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

2011 Director, Refugees of future cities (exhibition). Orange House Studio. Surabaya, Indonesia

2010-2011 “Master planning vs. networking approaches to solve contemporary urban crisis in asian cities” (Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowships Program grant recipient). Surabaya, Indonesia

2010 Director, Ato to kyoen [Art and banquet] (symposium). Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture. Beppu / Tokyo

2010 Co-director, “Re-” project. GFRY Studio 2010. School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, US; Beppu / Tokyo, Japan

2008-2009 Curator, WonderLandscape exhibition vol.01 (2008; Kentaro Taki); vol.02 (2009; Chikara Matsumoto). ZAIM, Yokohama

2007 Project co-director, “Crisis design network”. Project sponsors: Toyota Foundation Asian Neighbors Network, DesignSingapore Council. Japan / Singapore

2006 Flat tower campaign (FTC). Cond BOOM! exhibition. Toronto, Canada

2002 nIALL project/Obihiro (with Masato Nakamura, Haruaki Tanaka). Tokachi international contemporary art exhibition: Demeter. Obihiro City, Hokkaido

2000 Urban anchoring. 8th international Alvar Aalto symposium: Architecture in the Year Zero. Jyvaskyla / Helsinki, Finland

【Selected lectures / presentations】
2019 A space for the living knowledge, opened by art that engaging with society (guest lecture). 5th international conference on urban studies: Border, transportation, and space. Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga. Surabaya, Indonesia

2018 Guest lecturer, “PLACE-SENCE 2.0” (international workshop). Faculty of Art and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Bandung, Indonesia

2018 Collective sourcing for public planning and practice: Distilling knowledge from traditional methods of cohabitation (roundtable moderator). Africa-Asia, a new axis of knowledge -Second edition. International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS). Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

2018 Guest lecturer, “Urban literacy”. Faculty of Art and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Bandung, Indonesia

2017 Kampung, a concept of second Asia (guest lecture). EUROPALIA arts festival 2017. Brussels, Belgium

2012 Alternative definitions and possibilities of ‘consistency’ in growth of Asian cities (guest lecture). Southeast Asia seminar 2012: Cities and cultures in Southeast Asia. Kyoto University Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS). University of San Carlos, Cebu, Phillipines

2011 Meta-kampung: The third concept of sustainability (keynote speech). International Conference on Creative Industry (ICCI 2011). Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. Bali, Indonesia

【Selected publications】
2019 Column, Kenchikushi [Architect] (April, May, June editions). Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Associations

2019 Border crossing: Arts creating space for living knowledge. Oriental culture 100: Knowledge for life in the hope of bridging to alternative worlds, pp.205-223. Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo

2018 Coauthor, INFLUX -17 practices from forefront of urban migration in Asian cities-. OHS Press (ISBN 978-602-1339-22-0)

2017 Frontier of urban habitation. Surabaya: City within kampung universe. EUROPALIA arts festival 2017.