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Faculty 大学院の指導教員

萩原 健一


  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Theory
  • ・Applied Transdisciplinary Arts Theory B
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Seminar
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Practicum B
  • ・Production Skills Workshop I, II, III
  • ・Guided Research I, II (Master’s Program)
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Research: Expression I, II
  • ・Guided Research I, II, III (Doctoral Program)


Born in 1978. From 2005-2006, Assoc. Prof. Hagihara was a researcher at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, and received a Master’s in Media Creation from the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS, Gifu) in 2007. His artwork utilizes diverse visual media including stills and movies, usually structured around photographic expression. His high-definition video portrait project “sight seeing spot” received honorable mention at Art Award Tokyo 2007, and was also a jury selection at the 11th Japan Media Arts Festival that same year. He has taught at IAMAS, Aichi Shukutoku University and other institutions in addition to AUA, where he joined the faculty in 2017.


【Selected exhibitions】
2018 Art Lab Aichi ALA screen 004. Nagoya

2017 Fan de Nagoya art exhibition. Nagoya City Hall Civic Art Gallery Yada, Nagoya

Tokoname Field Trip 2015. Aichi

Japan Media Arts Festival. Kaneko House, Akita

MEDIA / ART KITCHEN AOMORI-Politics of Humor and Play. Aomori

Daily Reflections. Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

CONSONARE 2013. Seoul, Korea

MEDIA/ART KITCHEN -Reality Distortion Field-. Indonesia / Philippines / Malaysia