The project "Mono-Yusan" was launched by the graduate assistants of AUA.

 "Monomi-Yusan" is a project by the graduate assistants of AUA. Utilizing their respective research fields and interests, they will organize talk events, workshops, and research meetings, and will be based in Akita.

 This activity is also the assistant's part of the "session" held in the class of the Compound Art Exercise. We aim to create an open space, and thorough planning, share and develop thoughts and cross-disciplinary areas together with guests and participants.

 We hope to create new dialogues and interests by walking among various fields and thoughts with curiosity, just like a "Monomi-Yusan".

Planning: Mononi-Yusan (Shinobu Daito, Sunao Horikawa, Kosuke Yamagishi, Takumi Imura, Bunshu Hayashi)
Cooperation: the AUA Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts