Seiichi Onobori 尾登 誠一

Crossing the boundary between awareness and sensation
Where are you now? Where are you trying to go?
Art/design/architecture; research/work/study abroad, etc.:
Everyone has the privilege to imagine their own futures.
Transdisciplinary art is formed by the awareness and sensation of freely transgressing the various art scenes that surround the self. The complexities and connections created by our relationships with other people take many forms. Among these, internal complexity reframes the sensibilities, thoughts, skills and pure experiences within ourselves. Meanwhile, transdisciplinary art, through changing forms and outside-the-box thinking, aims for an external complexity aware of its own alterity. It advocates for the creation of new values, for a “meta-framing” which seeks connections that transcend fields, regions, cultures and countries.
Students at the Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts, while making full use of specialized skills in art, fine arts, and design, engage in research and the cultivation of applied skills to boldly explore a wide range of fields through horizontal analogical development based on their own identities.