The Research Club for Slime Mold, Akita University of Art (supervisor: Taisuke Karasawa, associate professor) will be present their artworks at “rooms 43: Creation Festival in Tokyo” (Shinjuku-Sumitomo Building, Triangle Square).

A total of more than 10,000 creators from various genres such as fashion, lifestyle, art, performance, and food & drink will participate in this creation festival, sponsored by H. P. FRANCE.

The Research Club for Slime Mold will exhibit their new video works in the “Future Friends” area, as well as their original towels and eraser stamps that were previously produced. In addition, on Saturday, 23rd, a workshop will be held for children attended by Masahide Sakaguchi, a first-year student in the master’s program of the graduate school.

Some graduate students, undergraduate students, assistants, and faculty members of this graduate school belong to this club. And the club is active across various disciplines.

Date: October 21, 2021 (Thursday) 10:00-18:00 (Business Only), 22nd (Friday) 10:00-17:00 (Business Only), 17:00-20:00 (For Everybody), 23rd (Sat) 10:00-17:00 (For Everybody).
Venue: Shinjuku Sumitomo Building, Triangle Square.

【Exhibition planning members】
Wakaba Kimura (first-year student in faculty of art). Chisato Katō, Natsuki Gotō, Natsumi Tsuboya, Hana Nakamura, Hana Hirayama, and Shione Yamada (second-year student in faculty of art). Yō Hayasaka (third-year student in major of Arts & Roots). Qianyi Yi, Masahide Sakaguchi, and Zhihui Zhan (first-year student, master’s program of graduate school). Wenzhou Lin (research associate, graduate school). Tetsurō Funayama (research associate, major of Landscape Design). Taisuke Karasawa (associate professor, major of Arts & Roots and graduate school)


Video work “Peta-peta Monyo-monyo”
Cameraman: Wenzhou Lin and Tetsurō Funayama. Video editor: Wenzhou Lin.
Video work “Video collection of Slime Molds”
Cameraman: Taisuke Karasawa. Video editor: Wenzhou Lin.
“Nenkin Hanko” (eraser stamps): Natsumi Tsuboya.
“Nenkin Tenugui” (original towels): Hana Hirayama.
“Nenkin Card” (life cycle diagram of slime mold): Qianyi Yi, Zhihui Zhan, and Wenzhou Lin.
“Nenkin Magnet” (magnet decorations): Wenzhou Lin.
Logotype of The Research Club for Slime Mold: Hana Hirayama.
Workshop organizer: Masahide Sakaguchi.
Exhibition booth designer: Hana Nakamura, Hana Hirayama, and Chisato Katō.
Assistant: Wakaba Kimura, Natsuki Gotō, Shione Yamada, and Yō Hayasaka.
Adviser: Tetsurō Funayama.
Supervisor: Taisuke Karasawa.