The WEB Open Campus 2021, which was held by the first year master's students of the Graduate School of AUA, will be held on July 10.

This website is composed of contents planned and produced by first year master’s students.
*There are many videos and sounds, so any contents are Japanese only.

※Entrance Examinations>>

【Student Interview】

We produced a five-minute interview video and text that talked about the reasons why five students currently enrolled in this graduate school went on to graduate school and the current production and research. We hope that you will feel the atmosphere and environment of this graduate school through interviews with each student. Please enjoy both the video and the text.

【Production Team】
Interviewee: Mayu Taniguchi(M2), Takuji Yasumura(M2), Umi Iwase(M1), YI Qianyi(M1), Masahide Sakaguchi(M1)
Camera: Masashi Otsuto(M1), Marika Kaneta(M1), Masahide Sakaguchi(M1), 詹智慧(M1)
Camera Edir: Masashi Otsuto(M1)
Interviewer: Kotomi Takahashi(M1), Saki Miura(M1)
Direction / Art Writing: Momoka Kurihara(M1), Rina Sakurai(M1)