“Alternasu,” an alternative space managed by graduates and current students of the Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts, was host a renovation workshop from August 24 (Tue.) to 29 (Sun.).

In what will be the group’s second renovation workshop, we will renovate a room in Alternasu, so that people can use it as they pass the building on their way to or from the bus stop nearby. Want to make a waiting room with us? Together, we will think up and create everything, from furniture to furnishings. Anyone is welcome to join, whether you are used to DIY work, or just a beginner. And if you like Nagashi-soumen and fireworks, we’ll have both! Please see our SNS for more details.
(The event has come to an end.)

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◉Feel free to join or leave the workshop at any time. Please come directly to the Alternasu building to join.
◉Please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
◉You don’t need to bring anything special, but please bring extra water to stay hydrated in the event of hot weather.
◉Depending on the local COVID-19 situation, this event may be postponed or cancelled.

Access: Alternasu 3 Chome-10-14-1 Kyokunan, Akita, 010-0925
Contact: alternate.info@gmail.com

Organized by: Alternasu Management Committee