The Graduate School is beginning a new project called “AKIBI Transdisciplinary Arts Picnic,” carrying over the experiences and techniques learned from the “AKIBI Transdisciplinary Arts Practice – Travel of Site Study” project, which ended in 2020 after three years.”

This year’s site study will connect the “creative boundaries” of ‘Akita’ and its geographic antipode within Japan, ‘Okinawa.’
This project will be divided into a summer (online) phase and winter (onsite) phase. It will consist of lectures, discussions and workshops revolving around themes as diverse as food, video, natural environment, art, commerce and social issues. The aim is to discover the relationship between Akita and Okinawa by searching for points of both convergence and divergence.
AKIBI Transdisciplinary Arts Picnic: Akita / Okinawa

“AKIBI Transdisciplinary Arts Picnic: Akita / Okinawa” is looking for participants!
Application deadline: midnight on Sunday, August 29
Anyone currently in Japan is able to apply. Please note that the project will be conducted in Japanese.
Program details will be posted online as they become available.
Apply here

【Program name】
2021-22 Agency for Cultural Affairs Program for Cultural and Art Promotion Utilizing Universities
「AKIBI Transdisciplinary Arts Picnic: Akita / Okinawa」

【Program duration】
●Summer phase: Online program
September 11 (Sat.) – September 25 (Sat.), 2021
*Lecture dates (total 7 days): September 11 (Sat.), 14 (Tue.), 16 (Thu.), 18 (Sat.). 21 (Tue.), 23 (Thu.), 25 (Sat.)
●Winter phase: Onsite (Akita) program
January 8 (Sat.) 2022 – January 15 (Sat.), 2022
*Provisional dates (total 8 days)
*Program contents may be changed due to the spread of COVID-19
*Program will prioritize the health and safety of participants and organizers.

【Program ‘Mentors’】
Shigeaki IWAI (Artist; Professor, Akita University of Art Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts)
Kenta KISHI (Architect; Urban Studies; Professor, Akita University of Art Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts)
Tomomi ISHIYAMA (Film director; Associate Professor, Landscape Design Program, Akita University of Art)
Junko GOYA (Cultural Anthropologist; Associate Professor, Faculty of Music, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)
Daisaku MUKAI (Musician; Associate Professor, Faculty of Music, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)
Kiyoko SAKATA (Artist; Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts and Crafts, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)

【Guest ‘Mentors,’ Summer phase】
Kouei WATANABE (16th-generation sake brewer, Fukurokujyu Brewery co., ltd)
Kyo SUZUKI (Curator, Akita Museum of Modern Art)
Keiki ABUMI (Chairman, Ushukaido Koryukai; Vice chairman, Modern Kitamaebune Project)
Atsushi MATSUKAWA (Local news editor, Akita Sakigake Shimpo)
Asami SHIROMA (Film director; Head, Kaiensha Inc.)
Bam RAZAFINDRABE (Forest sciences, Integrated watershed management, Disaster risk management; Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, University of the Ryukyus)
Chang-Hyun OH (Cultural Anthropologist; Associate Professor, Department of Archeology, Mokpo National University, Republic of Korea)
Haruka IHARADA (Independent Curator, Coordinator)
Megumi TOMIYAMA (Curator, Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum)
…and more

10 participants (year-round recruitment; participants will be selected from total number of applicants)

【Lecture fee】

【Intended participants>
University undergraduate or graduate students (any major), artists, curators, those who work in public, non-profit or media sectors. Participants must be available during the entire project schedule, including both Summer and Winter phases.

【Application deadline】
Midnight on Sunday, August 29, 2021

【Program organizer】
Akita University of Art

AKIBI Transdisciplinary Picnic Administration Office