Features and Characteristics of Education

  • “Acquire a deep foundation that meets the needs of a time of constant change”
  • 「Study art exhaustively」
  • 「Students can acquire knowledge needed for additional materials and techniques or a common deep foundation without being bound by existing fields.」
  • 「Selection of majors according to the student’s aptitude」
  • 「In the second semester of the second year, students will select two majors so that they can narrow down their direction and deepen their thinking. When they decide their major in the third year, they will identify their aptitude through consultation with their professors.」
  • 「Divided according to classifications that differ from those in existing art universities, not by materials or techniques」
  • Art based on cultural resources
  • 「Art fields」
  • 「Craft and product design field」
  • 「Architecture/landscape design field」

“In each course, the resources or materials to be handled or the media for expression are not limited. While using classics or local resources as subjects, modern media is used to study expressions according to themes.”