Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts

Course of Landscape Design

Designing attractive townscape and scenery, and planning and proposing development of vibrant and safe communities

Students on their own initiative explore the issues found in community creation, and develop their abilities to put their studies into practice in a local community through workshops and other exercises; they thus learn the knowledge and techniques needed to make new proposals.

Overview of the Course

From the perspective of “landscape design,” the Course’s students engage in cross-sectional studies of different scales and viewpoints such as urban community, landscape, products, architecture, and merchandise, all of which are necessary for community development.
More specifically, the research covers an extensive range of subjects, from public spaces such as streets, transport facilities, public squares, parks, or the waterside, to various products including buildings, houses, articles for daily use, local specialties, and their relationships.
In classwork, through landscape design theory and diverse design practice exercises, students acquire the knowledge and master the technology that enables planning, proposal, and implementation for landscapes, and thus develop their ability as a total designer with multifaceted views while cultivating the specialized nature of each skill.
The Course sees the activity of humans supported by local climate and culture as “landscape” in the round, and through continuous and vital community development, and the development of social infrastructure, the Course aims to train students capable of creating new social assets suitable for the next generation.

Teaching Staff of the Course of Landscape Design

Examples of Works by the Teaching Staff

  • Yuichi Watanabe秋田の土産品研究・ペンダント花器(杢目銅制作:千貝弘)

  • Yuichi Watanabespan>商品企画・セミオーダー家具 ICX( デザイン: 苧阪崇二)

  • Yuichi Watanabe地域活性化研究・「水花火」のあがる海岸(スケッチ:坂本牧葉)

  • Yuichi Watanabe木工家具「C2」カタログ

  • Yuichi Watanabe*鎌倉彫の試作

  • Yuichi Watanabe共著「デザインコンサルタント」

  • Eijiro Kosugi「都市木造の実践」

  • Eijiro Kosugi「都市木造による景観デザインの研究」
    (都市モンタージュ製作:NPO法人 Team Timberize)

  • Takahiro Yamauchi一.原 都市風景

  • Takahiro Yamauchi二.現 都市風景

  • Takahiro Yamauchi三.住 都市風景

  • Kaori Sugawara「スギラボ」

  • Kaori Sugawara「天杉シート」

  • Kaori Sugawara「杉まちかざり」