Liberal Arts Core

Liberal Arts Core aims to nurture human resources that play an active role on the global stage by complementing, integrating and developing expertise cultivated across five majors and transmitting it from Akita to the world. The rich course content of this center nurtures “an ability to gain insight into and to understand the significance of art associated with the nature of human beings and society” and “the ability to clearly express and communicate creative thinking”.
Lessons on aesthetics, art history, architectural history and design, design history, foreign languages, information sciences and other subjects, supported by the research of each faculty member, are the foundation that supports our specialized education, which integrates and develops expertise established across five majors. In addition, practice and learning experience based on various teaching methods enhances the humanity of the students, nurturing experts who can contribute to the development of the local community and the transmission of culture.
In Liberal Arts Core, you can obtain a Middle School Teacher Certificate (Type A) (Arts), a High School Teacher Certificate (Type A) (Arts/Crafts), and a museum curator qualification by completing required courses.


Examples of Works by the Teaching Staff

  • Toru Sawada「組物の補修と一部制作」

  • Tsukasa Suzuki「さくら1004」

  • Tsukasa Suzuki「さくら1104K」

  • Tsukasa Suzuki「春島1204」

  • Atsuhiko Oyagi「病床の賢治- 看護婦の語る宮沢賢治- 」

  • Atsuhiko Oyagi「シェイクスピアのソネット」

  • Isamu Ozawa鍛金作品を松葉で燻して着色している制作風景

  • Isamu Ozawa「竜の歩」