Secretariat, Akita University of Art

12-3 Araya-Okawamachi, Akita City 010-1632

TEL 018-888-8100 FAX 018-888-8101

◎If you have any queries, please contact the following sections:

Student Affairs Section
  • Matters relating to studies, e.g. classwork, examinations
  • Student qualifications, e.g. entry requirements, final qualifications
  • Extracurricular activities, scholarships, and general student life
  • Employment guidance and support

TEL 018-888-8105 FAX 018-888-8101

General Affairs Section
  • Use of university facilities and equipment
  • Tuition fees, payment schedules, etc.

TEL 018-888-8100 FAX 018-888-8101

◎For any queries concerning social contribution, please contact the following

Social Contribution Center (Atelier Momosada)

TEL 018-888-8137 FAX 018-888-8147