International exchange events: 2022-2023 academic year

Date Guests Contents

  • AUA: 6 students
  •  AIU: 6 students
  • Instructors: Prof. Takahito KOMURE, Assoc. Prof. Kentaro SENUMA, Teaching Assistant Haruna OHKI
  • Support: 7 students from the Creative Manufacturing Design department (glass) and 1 student for English/Japanese interpreting.
Glass blowing workshop (7/2)
Students from AUA and international students from Akita International University (AIU) learned the basics of glass blowing, planning and producing their own glass works with the help of instructors and students from the Creative Manufacturing Design department.
  • AUA:16 students majoring Creative Manufacturing Design
  • LiU: Associate Professor, Leif Burman, and 8students from the Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies program
  • Faculties and Staff of AUA: Director of International Exchange Center, Nomura, Professor Komure, Professor Yamaoka, Professor Kumagai, Associate Professor Yunoki, Assistant Nakata and Staff of International Exchange Center
LiU (Sweden) students’ visit to AUA for study tour(9/26,27)

8 students and 1 associate professor of one of our partner schools, the Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies program at Linköping University (Sweden), visited our university on September 26 and 27 as a destination among a 12-day-study tour across Japan.

On the first day in Akita, they touched Japanese traditional cultures and indigenous craftsmanship in Kakunodate, Senboku City, and joined a workshop that was led by Associate Professor, Yunoki, in AUA on 9/27. Themed “BABAHERA Ice”, students from both universities worked on “BABAHERA- Ice” making jointly. Lacing a finishing product with Swedish confections, the workshop successfully achieved its ultimate deliverables, “Creation transcends language barriers!”, beyond a harmonization of Swedish and Japanese food cultures.

< In Kakunodate on September 26>


<At AUA on September 27>


  • Tainan University of Technology
  • Akita University of Art
 MoA for Academic Collaboration between TUT and AUA was renewed(9/27)
Memorandum of Agreement for Academic Collaboration, which was established on October 11, 2022, and was going to see the expiry day of a five-year period this year, has been renewed.
  • AUA: 4 students
  • AIU:  7 students
  • Instructor: Associate Prof. Kaeko CHIBA (AIU)
  • Support: 1 student from AIU
AUA×AIU Flower Arrangement Workshop

4 Students from Akita University of Art (AUA) and 7 international students from Akita International University (AIU) learned the basics of the Japanese flower arrangement on the AIU campus. While the glass blowing in July was led by AUA, this event took place in AIU as a part of the student exchange program between AIU and AUA.

  • AUA: 9 attendees
  • Untag: 10 attendees
  • IT support: 2 assistants
MoU Signing Ceremony between AUA and Untag Surabaya

On February 2, an academic partnership agreement was concluded between Untag Surabaya, Indonesia and our university, and held the signing ceremony online.

Two of our universities have continuously exchanged through visiting each other, based on special lectures and international workshops, since 2017. AUA and Untag Surabaya will promote the international exchange through education and research based on this agreement.

Please refer to this URL for the detailed information about Untag Surabaya.

  • AUA:11 students
  • RUTI:64 students     3 teachers
International exchange with Rajamangala University of Technology Isan 

On February 3, our Communication Design major held an online exhibition with faculties and students from Rajamangala University of Technology Isan.

This online exhibition was realized based on a relationship through a project in Thailand between our Associate Professor Bae and teachers from Rajamangala University of Technology Isan.

February 2023
  • Lecturer:Eva Lin
  • Translator:Rosaline Lu
  • Associate Prof. Ishikura
  • Makiko Hara(Online)
  • Yuto Yabumoto(Online)
  • 20 Audiences  (including those joining online )
 Special Lecture by an independent curator, Eva Lin, from TaiwanEva Lin, who is an independent curator from Taiwan, delivered her special lecture, themed “An interdisciplinary practice connecting local and global”, in AUA.

Ms. Eva Lin is known for curating at unconventional venues to engage in experiments that constitute her interdisciplinary practice. This lecture brought students or other audiences a new perspective to know indigenous  worlds through her experiences and episodes in the Tainan district in Taiwan, so-called “Global South”.

In the latter part of this lecture, Ms. Makiko Hara, an independent curator in Canada, and Mr Yuto Yabumonot, a first-year studentet of our doctoral course, joined this lecture online and exchanged their opinions along the theme of this lecture.