The purpose of AUA’s international exchange activity is the fulfillment of the university’s four founding principles, in particular: “The nurturing of global human resources capable of connecting Akita to the world”. Since our reorganization as a 4-year university in 2013, we have been exploring new avenues for academic collaboration and exchange with universities and other higher academic institutions across the globe.

The International Exchange Center at AUA was officially established in 2017, and serves as a support structure for the university’s international exchange efforts. The IEC’s responsibilities include negotiating official exchange agreements with overseas institutions, and promoting short-term study-abroad.

Additionally, the IEC supports faculty/student participation in international exhibitions and conferences, and provides financial aid to AUA students participating in international art projects and volunteer activities.

Through these and other initiatives, the IEC works to create new opportunities to bring Akita closer to the world, and the world closer to Akita.


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