Admission Guidelines

1 Founding Principles of Akita University of Art

  • The creation and investigation of new artistic fields
  • The utilization and promotion of Akita’s culture and traditions
  • The nurturing of global human resources capable of connecting Akita to the world
  • Contribution to and development with the local community

2 Ideal Candidates for Admission

Akita University of Art aims to foster well-rounded individuals through an education based upon the school’s founding principles. Potential students must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • A strong interest in hitherto unexplored areas of art
  • A desire to identify problems and learn independently
  • A desire to make one’s mark in the artistic world
  • A desire to contribute to the development of the local community through art

2018 Entrance Examination Calendar

October  1  National Center Test for University Admissions Application (~10/12)
November 1 Teacher recommendation, Adult (re-entrance) students Examination Admissions Application (~11/9)
23 University entrance exam (Teacher recommendation I, Adult (re-entrance) students)
24 University entrance exam (Transfer students)
December  4 Examination result announcement
10 Teacher recommendation II Examination Admissions Application(~12/18)
January 19 National Center Test for University Admissions Exam (Day 1)
20 National Center Test for University Admissions Exam (Day 2)
28 General Examination Admissions Application (~2/6)
February 2 Teacher recommendation II Exam
12 Teacher recommendation Examination result announcement
25 University Entrance Exam① (General)  Day 1
26 University Entrance Exam② (General)  Day 2
March  2 Examination (General) result announcement ①
8 University Entrance Exam (General) ②
 20 Examination (General) result announcement ②

3 Inquiries

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