Teaching Staff (Arts & Roots)

Title Associate Professor
Research Fields Philosophy / Cultural anthropology
Ph.D. (Social Sciences), Waseda University
M.A. (Social Sciences), Waseda University
Bachelor’s (Letters), Keio University
Selected Professional Experience
Associate Professor, Akita University of Art
Adjunct Lecturer, Japanese Culture and Language Program (JCLP), Ryukoku University, Kyoto
Adjunct Lecturer, Faculty of Letters, Ryukoku University
Joint Research Fellow, The studies of Umwelten: The lives and lived worlds of human and nonhuman beings (research project). Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
Visiting Researcher, International Research Center for Philosophy, Toyo University, Tokyo
Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Center for World Buddhist Cultures, Ryukoku University
Visiting Researcher, Transdisciplinary Initiative for Eco-Philosophy, Toyo University
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Waseda University
Recent Activities <Single-author books>

Minakata Kumagusu: Nihonjin no kanousei no kyokugen [Minakata Kumagusu: The Ultimate Possibility of the Japanese]. Chuokoron-shinsha
Minakata Kumagusu no mita yume: pasaji ni tatsu mono [Dreams That Minakata Kumagusu Saw: The Man Standing on the Passage]. (Winner, 13th Yuasa Yasuo Prize) Bensei


<Co-authored book>

‘Ura-Nippon’ bunka runessansu [Renaissance of the ‘Opposite’ Japanese Culture] (with ISHIZUKA Masahide, KUDO Yutaka and ISHIKAWA Iori). Shakaihyoronsha


<Selected Essays>

Myoe no yume ni okeru dobutsu no imi [The significance of animals in the dreams of the monk Myoe]. Eco-Philosophy, Vol. 14, pp.93-105. Transdisciplinary Initiative for Eco-Philosophy, Toyo University, Tokyo
Minakata Kumagusu wa ‘Yudaya-kyo no Mikkyo no Mandara’ de nani o Hyogen shiyo toshita ka: Sefiroto no Ki to no Hikaku [What Minakata Kumagusu reveals through his ‘Kabbalistic Mandala’: A comparison with the Sephirothic tree]. Studies in Comparative Philosophy, Vol. 45, pp. 109-117. Japanese Association for Comparative Philosophy


<Special presentations / lectures>

Minakata Kumagusu no yume-kenkyu [Minakata Kumagusu’s dream research]. Association of Jungian Analysts, Japan (AJAJ) Seminar 156. Co-op Inn Kyoto
Kumagusu to ato [Kumagusu and art]. reading club vol. 2 (reading club series). KYOTO ART HOSTEL kumagusuku
Kumagusu: Yume ni tsuite [Kumagusu: About his dreams]. THE BOX OF MEMORY (FUJIMOTO Yukio exhibition). KYOTO ART HOSTEL kumagusuku



Interviewee, Taiyo no to [Tower of the Sun] (feature documentary film; dir. SEKINE Kosai). Parco, Spoon
Nou no naka no mori: Minakata Kumagusu no hakken [A section of forest of the brain: Kumagusu Minakata’s discovery method] (Academic research support). Wild: Untamed Mind. 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo
Courses Taught Introduction to Arts & Roots
Arts & Roots Seminar
Project Planning and Presentation
Art Project
Career Design 1,2
Cultural Anthropology
Advanced Cultural Anthropology
Contemporary Art Theory 1,2
Contemporary Art Seminar (Arts & Roots)
Graduation Project (Arts & Roots)

(Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts)

Transdisciplinary Arts Theory
Applied Transdisciplinary Arts Theory C
Transdisciplinary Arts Seminar
Guided Research I, II (Master’s Program)
Transdisciplinary Arts Research: Theory I, II
Guided Research I, II, III (Doctoral Program)


Example Works
「裏日本」文化ルネッサンス(2011年、共著) 南方熊楠の見た夢 日本人の可能性の極限
 ‘Ura-Nippon’ bunka runessansu [Renaissance of the ‘Opposite’ Japanese Culture] (co-author; 2011)  Minakata Kumagusu no mita yume: pasaji ni tatsu mono [Dreams that Minakata Kumagusu saw: The Man Standing on the Passage] (2014)  Minakata Kumagusu: Nihonjin no kanousei no kyokugen [Minakata Kumagusu: The Ultimate Possibility of the Japanese] (2015)

Further details (in Japanese) can be found at the following link: KARASAWA Taisuke (Japanese page)