About Atelier Momosada

Atelier Momosada uses the former National Agricultural Warehouse Building.

Atelier Momosada is a facility utilizing the former National Agricultural Warehouse Building. The warehouse building in which 8 warehouses are lined and  were constructed in 1959 by the current ZEN-NOH Akita (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations), donated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 1947, and it has been used for receiving receipt of rice. The structure of the first floor of the warehouse is a wooden building with 14.3 meter frontage, 45 meter depth and 8.5 meter top ceiling, and the capacity of the whole was enough to store about 30% of the annual consumption of rice in Akita Prefecture.
Since the abolition of use in March 1990, various requests for utilization of warehouses have been submitted from the local Araya district, and voices of preservation utilization arise from many citizens. In 1991, the newly established junior college It was planned to utilize it as a school workshop. In February 1994, assignment to Akita City was decided as a place of junior college, from junior college from April, 1995, as part of campus of art college from April, 2013.
Currently, of the eight warehouse buildings, we use seven as a university workshop building, and one as a municipal library.
The warehouse building has been highly appreciated as a building where wooden building construction method can be seen in the early Showa era, is recognized as a modernization heritage of Akita prefecture in 1992, and in 2000 the registered tangible culture of the country It is registered as goods.


The name of the nickname “Atelier Momosada” is derived from the old place name “Momosada” in the Araya district where our campus situate. It is familiar as a nickname suitable for the facility of a university opened to the area.
* “Momosada” is also said to be the etymology of the Ainu language, meaning the land of river-edge.



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Basic Modeling workshop

Glass workshop

Textile workshop

Gallery building

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Multi-purpose Hall

Rest space – KURASHI

Business Hours / 11: 00-14: 00
Holiday / Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and New Year’s Holiday