On-campus Facilities


The cafeteria offers a bright and open communal space for students. In addition to the dining hall on the 1st and 2nd floors, the building contains a student meeting hall, a common room, as well as a shop selling course materials, stationery, and daily necessities.


Computer Rooms (Lecture Buildings)

The computer rooms are sometimes used for lectures but are otherwise open to all students; students have both great freedom and excellent facilities to help them complete their assignments.

●Macintosh: 118 computers
●PCs for information education courses (Windows, Linux): 85 computers


CALL Room (Lecture Building B)

The Computer-Assisted Language Learning Room provides an effective educational environment for audiovisual study of foreign languages.


Lecture Hall (Lecture Building A)

The 180-seat hall allows instructors to make full use of multimedia equipment to offer effective lectures. The hall is also used for guidance, meetings and other presentations.


Affiliated Facilities

University Library

The spacious, naturally lit library houses over 48,000 books on arts, crafts, and design, along with up-to-date informational resources including video software, newspapers, and magazines. The library also features AV corners and reading rooms to offer comprehensive support for student research.

University Library (Japanese & English)


Atelier Momosada

“Atelier Momosada” consists of three former national rice storehouse buildings which have been converted into a hands-on craft center, gallery, and community center. Here, concerts, exhibitions and public lectures for glasswork and other crafts are regularly held, promoting openness and interaction between the university and the community. The exhibition room in the gallery hosts events by both domestic and international artists, as well as exhibitions of excellent work by students of the current University, the former Akita Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts and the affiliated senior high school.
Atelier Momosada


Akita University of Art Satellite Center

Located on the 6th floor of the shopping center “Fonte Akita” at the west entrance of JR Akita station, the AUA Satellite Center holds public lectures and drawing classes, and hosts exhibitions of artwork by faculty, students and graduates.


Akita University of Art Gallery “BIYONG POINT”

Gallery space located inside the Cable Networks Akita (CNA) Building in downtown Akita City. BIYONG POINT regularly hosts exhibitions by AUA faculty, alumni and guest artists. Admission is free of charge.

BIYONG POINT Facebook (Japanese)


“Araya Ichino” & “Araya Nino”

Like much of Japan, Akita is experiencing significant depopulation, resulting in thousands of vacant or abandoned houses. In 2016, AUA students and faculty launched an experimental initiative called the “Akiya (vacant house) Project”, which researches possible solutions to the vacant house problem. As part of this project, AUA has leased and repurposed two formerly vacant buildings in the Araya District where the university is located, naming them “Ichino” and “Nino” (“first” and “second”) in reference to the order in which they were acquired. These buildings are now used as alternative spaces for AUA students, faculty and guests, hosting exhibitions and other events.