Affiliated Organizations & Links

Social Contribution Center (Atelier Momosada)
This venue for creative activities is offered on campus as a multipurpose space for concerts, extension courses, etc.
University Library
Aside from over 48,000 books related to art, crafts and design, the library includes video software, newspapers, magazines and various other up-to-date information resources. The library also offers audio-visual corners and reading rooms.

Administrative/Educational Affiliated Organizations

Akita University of Art High School
Since its establishment in 1952 as Akita City Vocational School of Arts and Crafts, this university-affiliated vocational high school has continued to provide education through its unique curriculum.
Akita City
The official website of Akita City (in Japanese, English, German, Korean, Chinese and Russian), providing information concerning life in the city.
Akita Senshu Museum of Art (Kenzo Okada Memorial)
The museum, which opened in 1958 as the Akita City Museum of Art, was renamed the Akita Senshu Museum of Art in 1999. It has a collection of over 2,000 items, and is located in the Atorion Building in downtown Akita City.
The Consortium of Universities in Akita
A cooperative body consisting of higher education institutions in Akita Prefecture. It offers continuing education courses, joint extension courses and various other courses for residents of the prefecture, as well as high school-university cooperation programs or inter-university courses with transferable credits.
Zoukei Akita
The official website of the Akita Art Education Association.
Araya Sankakuya
One of the symbolic buildings of Araya-Omotemachi Street, the “Sankakuya” (triangle house) was constructed during the Taisho Era (1912-1926), and is now used as a communal space and a base for further development of the Araya neighborhood of Akita City. It can be used for meetings, exhibitions or other cultural activities.