Arts & Roots

Through the research, study and reinterpretation of local traditional cultural resources (roots), students explore their own new artistic expressions

By incorporating three approaches (“basic theory,” “fieldwork,” and “art production”), students learn a variety of themes and techniques rooted in local culture and history, and apply these research results to their own artistic practices.


Multidisciplinary Arts

Exploration of new directions in contemporary artistic practice, and development of modern expressions through various materials and media

Students employ a variety of media to create contemporary artworks unbound by conventional materials, techniques or forms of expression.


Creative Manufacturing Design

Students craft objects which reflect new perspectives as well as the cultural background and time-honored values inherent in them

Drawing on the rich cultural heritage of Akita, students produce mono (objects) and present these new ideas to the world, hoping to inspire harmonious relationships among people.


Communication Design

Study of visual communication using a variety of media to develop and enable effective design skills and art direction

Students master a broad range of graphic design forms and media, and develop comprehensive art direction skills that enable them to produce effective expressions of visual communication.


Landscape Design

Creating landscapes that inspire social change

Students learn to create art and design with the power to change the world, placing themselves within the “landscape” itself and mustering all their senses, knowledge and experiences to see through to the essence of that place.