The Liberal Arts Core aims to cultivate open-minded individuals who can play an active role on the global stage by complementing, integrating and developing the expertise spread across the five majors, and sharing this expertise with the world. The rich course content of the Liberal Arts Core enhances students’ understanding of the significance of art’s connection to human nature and society, and develops their ability to clearly express and communicate creative thinking.

Lessons on aesthetics, art history, architectural history, foreign languages, information sciences and other subjects, as well as the research of each faculty member, form the foundations that support our specialized education. The variety of subjects and teaching methods helps foster well-rounded experts who can contribute to community development and the sharing of cultures.

While the Liberal Arts Core is not a major course in itself, students can obtain a Junior High School teaching certificate (Type A – Arts), a Senior High School teaching certificate (Type A – Arts/Crafts), or a museum curator qualification by completing the necessary courses within the program.

Teaching Staff