Students craft objects which reflect new perspectives as well as the cultural background and time-honored values inherent in them

Drawing on the rich cultural heritage of Akita, students produce mono (objects) and present these new ideas to the world, hoping to inspire harmonious relationships among people.



The Creative Manufacturing Design program considers monozukuri (creative manufacturing) as the manifestation of the wisdom of culturally and historically accumulated materials and techniques. After forming their initial concepts, students learn design techniques that facilitate the production and distribution of their works, thereby allowing the art of monozukuri to contribute to the creation of harmonious relationships among people, and between people and nature.

More specifically, students produce durable articles for everyday life that are timeless in their function and design, and give both physical and emotional satisfaction to their user. This is accomplished through an understanding of the perspectives of product design, and through technical proficiency with a variety of materials such as wood, lacquer, metal, glass, dyes and ceramics.

To fulfill these goals, students are encouraged to free themselves from the conventional, homogenized ideas of monozukuri maintained by modern industry, and to uncover and reinterpret local cultures, taking inspiration from the traditions and natural environment of Akita. This program aims for its students to be thoroughly conversant with practical techniques that respect cultural diversity, and to establish these new standards in the world of monozukuri.

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