AUA’s Social Contributions

In accordance with Akita University of Art’s founding principle of “Contribution to and development with the local community”, and its role as a public university, all faculty engage in joint research and projects with local businesses and government entities in Araya District and Akita Prefecture. Making use of the University’s accumulated knowledge in the fields of art and design, as well faculty expertise in their respective disciplines, AUA actively seeks collaboration with universities both inside and outside the prefecture, as well as with private businesses, elementary, junior and senior high schools, art museums and other social educational institutions. The University likewise aims to instill in its students a sense of community involvement by encouraging them to make meaningful contributions towards the promotion of local brands and industries, the development of local artistic activities, and the revitalization of the local community.

These contributions to the society at large form the basis of faculty and students’ extramural activities. In order to ensure meaningful contributions and dynamic collaborations with the local community, AUA provides financial support for faculty and student projects that contribute directly toward the development of knowledge and talent in Akita Prefecture.

The following are examples of ways AUA gives back to the local community.

  1. Collaboration with industry and government

    AUA utilizes its accumulated knowledge in the fields of art and design to conduct joint research and joint development projects with various businesses and government administrations.

  2. Intellectual property management

    AUA helps raise awareness of intellectual property issues in the art and design fields through seminars and lectures aimed at students and the public, promoting appropriate use and management of design and intellectual property rights both in the University and the local community.

  3. Regional cooperative projects

    AUA conducts cooperative activities with local businesses and municipalities such as art courses and workshops.

  4. Involvement with local high schools

    AUA conducts educational activities with local senior high schools aimed at familiarizing and promoting the arts to younger generations. These activities include simulated AUA classes for high school students, as well as training courses for senior high school art instructors.

  5. Other activities

    AUA conducts various other activities aimed at increasing public interest in art, such as drawing classes and children’s art workshops.

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