Study of visual communication using a variety of media to develop and enable effective design skills and art direction

Students master a broad range of graphic design forms and media, and develop comprehensive art direction skills that enable them to produce effective expressions of visual communication.



The Communication Design major addresses contemporary issues inherent in communication. Students conduct research and study relevant theories and forms of expression from the viewpoint of graphic design.

Students explore an idealized picture of modern society from a broad range of perspectives, while taking into account the creative process from the initial conception stage through the stages of planning, research, design, proposal, production, and feedback. Moreover, by rearranging various informational paradigms, they contribute to the formation of a new image of the “individual” in modern society.

Through specific assignments suitable for selected expressive mediums such as typography, packaging, posters, editorials, the Web, illustration and 3DCG, students master the skills and thought processes necessary for taking on advanced projects in public relations and planning, which require the ability to shape and manage the flow of information. These skills prepare students for future careers in such fields as design, art direction and creative direction.

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