Subject of inquiry  Division  TEL/MAIL
Entrance examinations  Student Affairs Division,
Academic Affairs Section
Entrance ceremony; Graduation ceremony
Academic matters, e.g. classwork, examinations
Open Campus
Extracurricular activities, general student life Student Affairs Division,
Student Affairs Section
Official documents
Employment guidance and career support
Career Center TEL:018-838-0639
Student employment 
Use of university facilities and equipment  General Affairs Section TEL:018-888-8105
Tuition fees, payment schedules, etc.
Public lectures and courses Planning Division TEL:018-888-8478
Public relations
University-Industry collaboration
Tour of university facilities
International exchange partnerships
International Exchange Center TEL:018-888-8478
English-language assistance, etc.
Social contribution activities Arts Center Akita(※) TEL:018-888-8137
“Atelier Momosada” facilities rental
Art/drawing classes, children’s art classes

※”Arts Center Akita” is a non-profit organization affiliated with the University. for more information, please click here (Japanese).

Other inquiries

Division  TEL/MAIL
  General Affairs TEL:018-888-8105

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