Extracurricular Activities

As of June 2021, there are 29 registered clubs and student groups on campus. These range from art-oriented clubs like beadmaking and fabric dyeing, to athletic clubs for dance, basketball and other sports. Each club is supported by grants from the University’s booster club.

  • Watching and making movies

    AML Akita university of art Movie Laboratory

    We are AML (“Amuru”).
    ★We get together and watch movies♪
    ★We also make our own movies.
    Twitter:AML( 秋美映画研究部 ) @akibimovielabo


  • インド古典部
    Indian culture

    Indo Kotenbu

    At Indo Kotenbu, we watch Indian movies, and run an Indian food stall at the university festival.


  • SouZou(旧ライブペイントサークル雷平)
    Live painting

    Live Painting Club “Laipei”

    “Laipei” organizes various art events in Akita City. We do live painting at the university festival, mural painting at Omoriyama Zoo, face painting, and more.


  • つちのあかり

    Tsuchi no akari

    This group supports people in the local community who do not normally have the chance to express themselves artistically, such as people with disabilities.
    Through painting, music and play, we encourage various forms of self-expression.


  • カフェサークル
    Cafe lifestyle

    Cafe Club

    We are Cafe Club!
    We hang out in the cafe space on the 2nd floor of the cafeteria. Sometimes we also make sweets or snacks to go along with our coffee and tea.


  • Ceramics

    Pottery Club

    In the Pottery Club, we paint, glaze and fire ceramic pieces.
    The workshop is pretty small, but we can work on our own projects while sharing the space.


  • サムシングオーケストラ
    Musical performance

    Something Orchestra

    Something Orchestra performs at events both on and off campus, including flash mob-style performances in the community.


  • あらやちゃぷちゃぷ大学
    Civic participation

    Araya Chapuchapu University

    We plan and manage events that make use of the natural resources of the Araya District (the neighborhood around AUA).
    These include cleaning waterways, planting gardens, and participating in neighborhood festivals.


  • 秋美竿燈会
    Kanto Festival

    AUA Kanto Club

    In the Kanto Festival, held in August, teams of dancers march down the main street of Akita City while balancing giant bamboo poles decorated with paper lanterns.
    Our club practices together with the Araya neighborhood team.


  • Dance


    AMCACrew practices “Locking,” a style of hip-hop dance.
    We perform group dances at the university festival and other events.


  • とんぼ玉サークル
    Glass artwork

    Glass Bead Club

    Our club meets twice a week to make glass beads and other glass artwork. Beginners are welcome!


  • そめまめ


    “Somemame” is a club for students who want to work on their own dyeing projects, mainly using stencil dyeing techniques. Joining this club gives students the chance to share materials and costs, use university facilities, get advice from teachers, and practice fabric dyeing without having to take a class.


  • 口笛サークルハミング

    Whistling Club “Humming”

    We get together in the evenings to practice whistling as a group.
    Even students who can’t whistle are welcome.🐤


  • 綿あめサークルふうわり
    Cotton candy

    Cotton Candy Club “Fuuwari”

    “Fuuwari” experiments with making colorful and creative cotton candy. We also run a stand at the university festival where we show off our skills.


  • うどんオカルト研究会

    Udon Occult Society

    We make our own udon noodles, sometimes while telling scary stories (sometimes not). Our goals are to foster communication through the making and eating of udon, and also to create the ultimate udon noodle.


  • Light music

    Light Music Club

    Whether you want to play solo or in a band, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the Light Music Club welcomes anyone who likes music.
    Some members even perform onstage at the university festival and at off-campus events.


  • ハイキングサークル

    Hiking Club

    The Hiking Club was formed to promote both good health and closeness with nature.
    This club is recommended for anyone interested in exploring the natural beauty of Akita Prefecture.


  • Volleyball

    Amiyaki Club

    Amiyaki Club meets in the university gym every Friday night to play volleyball 🏐
    The club is very laid back, and most of the members are beginners, so it’s a good chance to work off some stress after a hard week of studying!!


  • Analog games

    Analog Game Club

    Our members share an interest in analog games like board games and TRPGs. During the pandemic we had to move online, but we’re making more chances to play in person.


  • Cooking

    Akibi Curry Club

    We experiment with different ingredients and spice blends in order to make the best curry.
    This year’s club is mostly 3rd and 4th-year students, so we don’t always meet regularly.
    But if you notice a delicious smell coming from the 2nd-floor of the cafeteria it means we’re in business.


Other student clubs

  • Basketball Club
  • Futsal Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Soft Tennis Club
  • “Design Power Plant”
    (silkscreen printing and graphic design)
  • Akita Research Club
  • Esports Club
  • “Henshin Dou”
    (fashion and accessories)
  • Craft Club