Supermarkets and shops

  • Nices (ナイス)

    Groceries/daily necessities. Drugstore inside. Open 9:30 – 21:00. Near Araya Station. (about 15 minutes on foot)

  • Dodgers (ドジャース)

    Discount supermarket. Open 9:00 – 21:00 (about 10 minutes on foot)

  • MaxValu (マックスバリュ)

    24-hour supermarket for night owls. (Just across the bridge in Barajima, about 20 minutes on foot)

  • Lawsons (ローソン)

    Convenience store across the street from the university bus stop. Usually very crowded around lunchtime. (2 minutes on foot)

Places to eat

  • Manpachi (萬八)

    Popular soba noodle restaurant, famous for its handmade noodles. (about 10 minutes on foot)

  • Guruman (ぐるまん)

    Conveyor belt sushi place inside the Dodgers supermarket. (about 15 minutes on foot)

  • Watayu (わたゆう)

    If you like cream puffs, this pastry shop comes highly recommended. (about 10 minutes on foot)

  • cafe conoha (コノハ)

    Cafe/restaurant near Araya Station, specializing in pies and quiches. (about 20 minutes on foot)

  • Tatenomaru shokudo

    Set meals. A bit far but famous for their ample portions. (about 15 minutes by bicycle)

  • McDonald’s

    Inside the MaxValu in Barajima, which also has a Baskin Robbins.

Public Facilities

  • West Akita Municipal Office

    Branch office of Akita City Hall located near Araya Station. Handles taxes, insurance, and other documentation which may be necessary for your residence in Japan. Open 8:30-17:15.  (about 20 minutes on foot)

  • Araya Library (新屋図書館)

    Public library adjacent to the university. Open 10:00-19:00 weekdays, 10:00-17:00 weekends/holidays. (2 minutes on foot)

  • Municipal Akita General Hospital (市立秋田総合病院)

    General hospital with emergency facilities located in downtown Akita. (about 20 minutes by bicycle)

  • Ichinohe Clinic (一戸医院)

    There are many small clinics around the university, including ophthalmologist and dentist offices, but this is the closest. Open 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00. (about 3 minutes on foot)

  • Akita Bank (秋田銀行)

    In addition to an ATM on campus and in the nearby Omotemachi neighborhood, there is a branch office located near Araya Station. Open 8:00-15:00. (about 15 minutes on foot)

  • Hokuto Bank (北都銀行)

    The Araya branch office is open 9:00-15:00. (about 20 minutes on foot)

  • Post Offices (郵便局)

    The two closest post offices are located near Araya Station, and in Omotemachi. Open 9:00-17:00. (each about 15-20 minutes on foot)

Hardware Stores

  • Homac (ホーマック)

    Closest home improvement store to the university. Located in the same “Aeon Town” shopping complex as MaxValu. (about 20 minutes on foot)

  • Nitori (ニトリ)

    Furniture, kitchen utensils and small appliances. Located on Highway 13 next to Toys R’ Us. (about 15 minutes by bicycle)

  • Komeri (コメリ)

    Hardware store. Located off Highway 13 in Oroshimachi. (about 15 minutes by bicycle)


  • Araya Hot Springs (新屋温泉)

    Relaxing spa near campus, redolent with the pleasant fragrance of cypress wood, from which the building was constructed. (5 minutes on foot)

  • Omoriyama Zoo (大森山動物園)

    Perfect for sketching animals (petting restricted to the smaller, fuzzier ones). Adjacent to Omoriyama Park and Anipa amusement park. (about 15 minutes by bicycle)

  • Round One (ラウンドワン)

    Sports, arcade games and more! Located on Highway 13 – just look for the giant bowling pin on the roof. (about 15 minutes by bicycle)

Events and Festivals

  • Sanno Festival (山王祭)

    Held annually on May 25-26 at Hiyoshi Shrine near Araya Station. Students can participate in carrying the portable shrines.

  • Omono River Fireworks Festival (雄物川花火大会)

    Put on your kimono and head to either bank of the Omono River to watch this fireworks display, held on August 10 just across the river from campus.

  • Kashima Festival (鹿嶋祭)

    Kid-oriented festival held annually on the 2nd Sunday of June. Handmade dolls are pulled to Hiyoshi Shrine in handmade boats, which are then floated down the Omono River.

Galleries and Museums

Art Supplies

  • Naba Shiten (那波紙店)

    Established in 1878, this venerable shop specializes in paper supplies, including Japanese paper. Located in downtown Akita City. (about 25 minutes by bicycle, or 20 minutes’ walk from Akita Station)

  • Saigado (彩画堂)

    An impressive selection of general art supplies located in downtown Akita City. (about 25 minutes by bicycle, or 20 minutes’ walk from Akita Station)

  • Bun’endo (文園堂)

    Order-made framing, for all your framing needs. Located in downtown Akita City. (about 30 minutes by bicycle, or 25 minutes’ walk from Akita Station)