The Foundation of Akita University of Art

Akita University of Art is located in the southern part of Akita City. It is a young university, having just opened in 2013, but we have attracted students from all across Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. We have also established a Master’s program, and are currently preparing a Doctoral program as well. There is certainly no small significance in studying art in a place so far removed from the big cities, and so rich with the natural beauty of the changing seasons.

Through new conceptions grounded in local histories and cultures, yet unbound by pre-existing artistic modes, we develop individuals capable of succeeding on the global stage and using art to contribute to the larger society.

At AUA, we strive to remain on the leading edge of artistic practice, but the times move quickly. It is no easy task to be constantly pursuing new and original artistic avenues, and that is precisely what makes contemporary art so difficult. If the artist loses touch with the times, they risk friction with a society which has been undergoing rapid changes, particularly in information technology. As we absorb these changes, we must also keep searching for ways to make art meaningful.

Come join our faculty and students in cutting-edge research, and let your talent bloom at Akita University of Art.

April 2018
Akinori Shimotori