Features and Characteristics of Education

  • In the first and the second year, students learn comprehensively about various materials and techniques, while they explore many possibilities to narrow down their field of practice and directions. After that, they choose one of five courses. In the third and the fourth year, students start practicing advanced knowledges and techniques in each course. In the end of the fourth year, “Graduation Work” commences as the culmination of learning outcomes.
5 courses

Foundation Subjects

  • Seminar on Basic Sculpture
  • Seminar on Basic Japanese Painting
  • Seminar on Basic Oil Painting
  • Seminar on Basic DTP Design
  • Modeling Expression
  • Seminar on Basic Sculpture Materials
  • Seminar on Basic Contemporary Drawing and Painting
  • Seminar on Basic Installation Art
  • Seminar on Basic Performance Art
  • Seminar on Basic Textile Expression
  • Seminar on Basic Media Art
  • Design Surveys
  • Seminar on Architectural Model-Making
  • Seminar on Merchandise Planning
  • Regional industry and Design
  • Book Design

Specialized Subjects in 5 Professional Courses

  • Arts & Roots
     Seminar on Arts & Roots (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Installation Art based on field workshops)
     Seminar on Art Project
     Theory of Social Practice in Art
     Principle Theory of Sculpture

  • Multidisciplinary Arts
     Seminar on Multidisciplinary Arts
     Multidisciplinary Arts aims to train techniques and the processes of thinking through excising tasks that deal with time and space.
     Study of Antique Art

  • Creative Manufacturing Design
     Seminar on Creative Manufacturing Design (Metalworking - Chasing, Glass, Ceramics, URUSHI(Japanese Lacquer), Woodworking, Textile - Dyeing, Furniture)
     Study of Regional Industry
     Seminar on Product Design
     Seminar on Client Presentation

  • Communication Design
     Seminar on Communication Design (Typography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging Design, Web Design, Editorial Design)
     Theory of Communication Design
     Seminar on Motion Graphic Design
     Seminar on 3-D CG Expression

  • Landscape Design
    Seminar on Landscape Design (Merchandise Planning, Architecture, Landscape)
    Cultural Public Administration
    Theory of Cityscape Design
    Theory of Landscape Design
    Seminar on CAD (Architecture, Landscape)