Information Science

Koji Iigura

画像:Koji Iigura

・Transdisciplinary Arts Theory
・Applied Transdisciplinary Arts Theory B
・Transdisciplinary Arts Seminar
・Transdisciplinary Arts Practicum II
・Production Skills Workshop I, II
・Guided Research I, II (Master’s Program)
・Transdisciplinary Arts Research: Expression I, II
・Transdisciplinary Arts Research: Theory I, II
・Guided Research I, II, III (Doctoral Program)


After working for Microsoft Product Development Limited, etc., Professor Iigura completed a Ph.D in Information Science at the University of Shizuoka. He specializes in computer graphics and image processing, and also holds a Master of Engineering degree. After working as a lecturer and associate professor at Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology, he joined the faculty of Akita University of Art as a professor in 2017.

Research activities

<Selected awards / prizes>

2016 Researcher Award (with Hitoshi Saji). The Remote Sensing Society of Japan
Prizewinner, Creator’s Garage ‘97
Prizewinner, DEP Passport Awards. Sony Music Entertainment


<Selected bibliography>

Fotoriarisutikku Rendara wo Mochiita Kaigacho Rendaringu [Painterly rendering with photorealistic renderers]. Technical Report of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers, Vol.40(11) pp.61-64
GPS to Kusatsu Gazo ni yoru Chokan Gazo no Rejisutoreshon [Oblique aerial image registration from a movie and GPS data] (with Hitoshi Saji). Journal of The Remote Sensing Society of Japan, Vol.35(3) pp.155-172
Registration of aerial images using pseudo-orthogonal space (with Hitoshi Saji). 2014 ITS World Congress, Detroit, USA


  • 画像:「パーティクルマッピング」<br />
第13回NICOGRAPH /MULTIMEDIA論文コンテスト論文集<br />

    Particle mapping (The 13th NICOGRAPH / MULTIMEDIA Thesis Contest collection; 1997)

  • 画像:「マイクロポイントベーストシャドウ」<br />
2012 Autumn

    MicroPoint-based shadow (NICOGRAPH; Autumn 2012)

  • 画像:Clean plate(movie) generation by Inverse Image Mosaic

    Clean plate(movie) generation by Inverse Image Mosaic