Social Design

Seiichi Onobori

画像:Seiichi Onobori

・Transdisciplinary Arts Theory
・Applied Transdisciplinary Arts Theory B
・Transdisciplinary Arts Seminar
・Transdisciplinary Arts Practicum II
・Production Skills Workshop I, II
・Guided Research I, II (Master’s Program)
・Transdisciplinary Arts Research Methods
・Transdisciplinary Arts Research: Expression I, II
・Guided Research I, II, III (Doctoral Program)


Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1973 (BA, Design). Work experience includes Giorgio Decursu Design Studio (Milan, Italy); President, Design Studio Spiral, Ltd. (Saitama); and Visiting Assoc. Professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Ishikawa). He is an Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts, and is also active in the fields of product design and design of public spaces.


Research activities


Hanshizen-shugi: Seimei e no gyoshi [Pan-naturalism: Staring life in the face]. Candana (276). Chuo Academic Research Institute


<Selected speeches / lectures / workshops>

Seimei-kan no toresu [Tracing a view of life] (keynote speech). Japan Society for the Science of Design, Fall Meeting, Fukuoka

Kansei to shiko no katachi-ka [Shaping of sensibility and thought] (lecture and workshop). Southwest Jiaotong University, Shengdu, China

Nihon-bunka to jukankyo no shikisai [Japanese culture and the color of living environments] (lecture), Midterm Meeting of the International Color Association (AIC2015 Tokyo)



Concept development / design, ‘Rich Standard Elevator’. Nippon Elevator Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


  • 画像:鳥の声を聴くための道具<br />
1985<br />

    Device for listening to birds (Third-place prize, 1985 Japan Inter-Design Forum)

  • 画像:東京湾臨海道路ゲートブリッジカラープランニング<br />

    Color planning, Tokyo Gate Bridge (1995)

  • 画像:埼玉県営サッカースタジアム(2002ワールドサッカー場)総合色彩計画<br />

    Color planning, Saitama Stadium 2002 (2000)

  • 画像:首都高速道路公団/(株)GK設計<br />
「ETCトールゲート色彩デザイン」<br />

    Color design, ETC tollgate (Metropolitan Expressway Public Corp. / GK Sekkei; 2000)

  • 画像:ISS(国際宇宙ステーション)の居住モジュールモデル制作<br />

    Model production, Japanese Experiment Module, International Space Station (2006)

  • 画像:微小重量環境下(浮遊姿勢)での家具「μG-Movable」の制作<br />

    μG-Movable (Furniture for use in microgravity environments; 2007)