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Faculty 大学院の指導教員

白杉 悦雄


  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Theory
  • ・Applied Transdisciplinary Arts Theory C
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Seminar
  • ・Production Skills WorkshopI, II, III
  • ・Guided Research I, II (Master’s Program)
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Research: Theory I, II
  • ・Guided Research I, II, III (Doctoral Program)


Ph.D. (Philosophy), Kyoto University. Study abroad (Philosophy), Peking University. Specializes in the history of Chinese thought and science.
Prior to joining AUA, Prof. Shirasugi was Professor, General Education Center Director, and Dean of the Graduate School of Tohoku University of Art and Design (Yamagata). He is the recipient of the Sinological Society of Japan Award (Philosophy / Thought category).


・Selected publications
Seijuku shakai ni okeru geijutsu to jinbunchi: Ekkyo-suru ato no shiten [Art and humanity in mature societies: The transgressive viewpoint of art]. An International Conference on Transdisciplinary Arts 2018: Sendai Session. Akita University of Art

Toyoigaku / kanpo: ‘katakori’ to ‘hie’ ni tsuite [Eastern Medicine / Chinese Traditional Medicine: ‘Stiff Necks’ and ‘Chills’]. Journal of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko 97(4), pp.487-489. Toyo Bunko

Hie to katakori: Shintaikankaku no kokogaku [Chills and Stiff Necks: The Archeology of Bodily Sensation]. Kodansha

Envisioning the inner body during the Edo period in Japan: Inshoku yojo kagami (Rules of dietary life) and Boji yojo kagami (Rules of sexual life). Anatomical Science International 82(1), pp.46-52. Japanese Association of Anatomists